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“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

~ Mother Theresa

People. Systems. Institutions

Our Philosophy

Civil society, an ecosystem comprising nonprofits, non-governmental organization, community groups, faith-based organizations, labor unions, and other voluntary associations, stands outside government and the private sector, serving as a cornerstone for a healthy democracy and balanced social structure. It champions social causes, delivers services, fosters civic engagement, and ensures accountability, effectively acting as a check on both state and market failures. The strength of civil society is integral to maintaining government accountability, good governance, and advocacy for marginalized groups. Without its robust presence, civic participation wanes, social services falter, and societal cohesion suffers due to diminished social capital, hindering innovative solutions to social challenges. Thus, the vitality of our democracy and the equilibrium of societal constructs hinge upon a thriving civil society.

Our small team of specialists specializes in various fields related to socioeconomic development.

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'We are genuinely interested in your vision of creating meaningful impact in deserving communities'

What We Do

At Warande Advisory Centre, we are dedicated to empowering civil societies in our communities by enhancing the effectiveness and resilience of Civil Society Organizations. Our approach is centered on creating an enabling environment where CSOs can flourish. We achieve this by strengthening and fostering stronger partnerships and collaborations with their key stakeholders, including governments, media, and private entities. By focusing on our strategic alliances, we facilitate open dialogue, resource sharing, and joint initiatives that amplify the impact and reach of CSOs. Our vision is a thriving society, where CSOs are dynamic and influential actors in socio-economic and political spheres. Our mission, therefore, is to catalyze these organizations towards excellence, enabling them to achieve significant, sustainable results for the betterment of our communities.


We are committed to accelerating socio-economic community transformations and catalyzing CSO sector growth and effectiveness. As such, we design and implement programs including accelerator programs like the Local Coalition Accelerator, and Early-Stage Non-Profit Booster Programs. Our tailored Technical Assistance programs are designed to strengthen organizational capacities for effective community-centered initiatives. We also aim to foster Communities of Practice and Learning, providing a collaborative space for sharing insights and best practices to elevate the sectors we serve.


We forge strategic partnerships to enhance our impact and leadership in sectoral dialogues. Our approach to engagement is active and influential, advocating for transparency and fostering a culture of accountability. We prioritize equitable partnerships, ensuring fairness and mutual benefits that nurture long-term growth. By collaborating closely with philanthropic entities, we aim to create synergies that drive substantial and enduring socio-economic transformations.

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'Clarity is the key to effective teams. Having clarity is having focus. Once there is clarity around goals and priorities, it’s easier to move towards them.'

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