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We commit to our partner-led journeys towards achieving lasting community impact and institutional excellence. 
Let's Reflect, Create & Grow with you.

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Our Vision

Holistic And Earnest Solutions For Excellence And Optimal Individual and Institutional Performance

About Us

Pan-African advisory and technical support facility with experts and advisors drawn from a wide range of institutional strengthening and technical fields facilitating holistic, partner-led improvements to achieve effective and lasting socio-economic equity and justice. 

Institutional Strengthening
  • Facilitating organisational assessments.

  • Stewarding strategic thinking, design and review processes.

  • Improving monitoring, evaluation and learning systems.

  • ​Reviewing structural and organisational systems.

  • ​Enabling talent development and management.

  • Guiding organisational and culture change and realignment.

Enabling Collaboratives
  • Working in a strategic alliance with the Share Trust to build and strengthen Local Coalition Accelerator (LCA). This is a platform that leverages, partners with and amplifies existing localisation efforts to support coalitions of Local and National Organisations (LNOs) who can co-design and implement holistic, evidence-based programming at scale to address systemic, multi-sectoral problems.

Advocating for CSO effectiveness 
  • Engaging in dialogue and advocacy for  principles of trust based philanthropy, equitable development financing and local led development practice.

  • Co-creating platforms for quality peer learning for development practitioners.

  • Contributing to a global movement to promote CSO Dynamic Accountability. ​

  • ​Contributing to the Kenya Mechanism for promoting CSO Excellence and Effectiveness i.e. Viwango

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