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We are a Pan-African technical support facility with expert technical advisors in a wide range of institutional strengthening subject areas that bring a holistic and balanced approach to solving challenges in the non-profit and social investment space.


Organisations are operating in environments with profound change, in times of extraordinary uncertainty and where at any time there can be exceptional turbulence-what used to work to survive and thrive, does not work any more as things become more complex. 


We strive therefore to achieve: "Holistic and earnest solutions for excellence and optimal individual and institutional results!"


We support people and institutions to establish a purpose that has a deep rooted foundation; and then anchor it well by establishing the right balance of systems, processes and behaviours that inspire and motivate others towards set goals/objectives and targets.

We bring like-minded people and organisations together to i) co-design, implement and show sustainable community improvements using coalition models of collaborative working and ii) create platforms for continous peer learning and reflection around similar issues and challenges that they face along their journeys as change makers.

We glean lessons from our experiences and apply them in contributing to national dialogue and movements that promote national and global standards of excellence and accountability for African Civil Society Organisations. 

We apply our years of experience in the sector to advocate for i) funding equity, ii) trust based philanthropy practice and a favourable national and global policy and economic environment to ensure that community improvement interventions yield effective and sustainable results. .

Who We Serve

Targeted and customised  services

We spend time understanding your pain point in order to recommend targeted solutions for:

1. Individual coaching and mentoring.

2. Specialised Groups or department trainings.

3. Institutions/Organisation wide facilitated services.

4. Networks and coalition participation and involvement.


Our Approach

Holistic, partner led and mutual respect.

We guide and support your organisation on their journey of strengthening through a systematic process of improvement and positive transformation. We guide and support you in a way that your learning trajectory can be traced progressively over time, acknowledging your unique ecosystem, infrastructure, nature and purpose of existence and stage of development. We then transform our role into long term mentors and coaches, with the ultimate goal of remaining your biggest fans and supporters.

1. OD diagnostic tools: These help us learn, understand the dynamics of your organisation with clarity and accuracy.

2. OD Strengthening strategies and tactics: that are co-created and/or customised to enable effective and efficient process that will catalyse your institutional growth.

3. Intentional trust-building and demonstration of mutual respect in our collaborative process of institutional strengthening.



Founder of a national NGO operating in Kenya

“You helped us lay a solid foundation that has carried us throughout the years and continues to do so to date.”

CEO of a growing organisation in Rwanda

“Your coaching gave me the courage and tools to deal with the politics of my board and staff. I am sleeping better these days!”

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