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Organisational Assessments

Guided by tailor-made assessment tools, we will work with you to understand the strengths and the obstacles that influence your institutional health and balance and map out a road-map of improvements.

Structural and Systems Review and application

Drawing on our many years of experience and continuous learning, we will advise and guide organisational systems review and restructure process-this includes structures and policy revisions. We also support the process of bringing these systems to life.

Talent Development and Managment

In collaboration with your human resource team lead, we will coach you through understanding the talent and skills you have; and then identify ways to develop them in targeted and individualised capacity development programs.

Strategic thinking, design and Reviews

Using appropriate reflective, planning and learning methodologies; we will guide your teams to design a clear and systematic roadmap for the journey of change and transformation you envision. We will also lead your teams in analytical and reflective exercises to ensure your goals and objectives remain relevant.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Using critical analytical tools and methodologies, we will facilitate periodical performance reviews and establish effective systems that will enable you to  monitor your progress against planned objectives; measure results of your work and glean lessons and emerging good practice in your work.

Change and Culture Realignment Management

Anchored by the organisational values and aspirations, we offer coaching and mentoring to develop, nurture and utilise change agents within the organisation, to support systematic change management and culture realignment.

Leadership and Institutional Accountability Support

We have a special interest in working with executive leaders and boards of organisations working in sub-saharan Africa to promote good practice in organisational stewardship and institutional resilience.

Advocating for National and Global CSO Accountability and Effectiveness

We are significant members of national and global movements that promote good practice in CSO management and dynamic accountability. These include and

Promoting effectiveness in the Philanthropy Sector

We maintain strategic collaborations and partnerships with grant making bodies as well as relevant interest groups and networks to promote effective grant management and relationship building that are built on mutual accountability and effectiveness

Steering Quality and Peer Learning in the Organisational Development Industry

Leveraging on our many years of experience working in development, we foster and grow special interest groups in the industry and exchange lessons with other peers. We also promote continuous learning amongst industry practitioners.

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