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We spend time understanding your pain point in order to recommend targeted solutions.

Local Coalition Accelerator

The Local Coalition Accelerator (LCA) is an initiative of the Share Trust and the Warande Advisory Centre that aims to bridge the gap between bilaterals, multilaterals, philanthropy and local actors to fundamentally change the way that international assistance is designed and delivered.

We facilitate holistic, partner-led improvements to achieve effective and lasting socio-economic equity and justice

More About Warande Advisory

Warande Advisory Centre (WAC) is a pan-African advisory and technical support facility that aims to bring about meaningful and long-lasting impact in African communities. A key part of realizing this goal is rooted in the network of communities and organizations we surround ourselves with. WAC is thus a proud member of the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN). EAPN is a philanthropy support organization connecting community, corporate and private foundations as well as grant-making and non-grantmaking organizations with the overall goal of promoting philanthropy. The EAPN spans over more than 60 regional and national philanthropy organizations across Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.The organizations under the EAPN network work across various sectors with the aim of contributing to transformative change in communities through giving that is responsive, agile, and impactful. EAPN aims to strengthen its members, promote local grant-making practices, develop the credibility to bring about change, and foster collaboration between organizations and philanthropic institutions.

More About our Work

1 / Organisational Capacity Strengthening

We support people and institutions to establish a purpose that has a deep rooted foundation; and then anchor it well by establishing the right balance of systems, processes and behaviours that inspire and motivate others towards set goals/objectives and targets.

2 / Enabling Collaboratives

We bring like-minded people and organisations together to i) co-design, implement and show sustainable community improvements using coalition models of collaborative working and ii) create platforms for continous peer learning and reflection around similar issues and challenges that they face along their journeys as change makers.

3 / Advocacy for CSO Effectiveness

We apply our years of experience in the sector to advocate for funding equity, trust based philanthropy practices and a favourable national and global policy and economic environment to ensure that community improvement interventions yield effective and sustainable results.

Founder of a national NGO, KE

"You helped us lay a solid foundation that has carried us throughout the years and continues to do so to date."
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